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I’m the founder and CEO of Rocket IT. I also speak to professional groups about social media, cloud computing, and building great businesses. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids. I also love discussing God, family, business, technology, leadership, marketing, photography, design & cars.

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    Hello. I’m the founder & CEO of Rocket IT. This is my blog.

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    Interesting Insights from 5 Million Emails

    Baydin, the makers of an email plugin Boomerang, recently analyzed over 5 million emails that were sent and received by Boomerang’s users.

    Out of the 147 messages the average email user receives every day, only 12 require “substantial work.” Those 12 messages which require “substantial work” take up approximately 90 minutes per day!

    Most people think others read a majority of their email messages around 9AM, however people say they want to read their emails between 5-6AM. You are more likely to get a reply if you send non-marketing emails either before work or during lunch. If you are sending marketing emails, the recommended time to send those is at 6AM.

    To grab someone’s attention and increase the probability of a response, use the 7 words on the right in your email titles, and avoid the 7 on the left.

    • Apply
    • Opportunity
    • Demo
    • Connect
    • Payments
    • Conference
    • Cancellation
    • Confirm
    • Join
    • Assistance
    • Speaker
    • Press
    • Social
    • Invite

    Baydin’s findings were summarized in an easy to understand infographic on popular digital media website Mashable. While not all of us get 147 emails a day or prefer to read our messages at 6AM, the insights are still very interesting!